About Us

OMAX GROUP LIMITED [OMAX] is a lighting manufacturer committed to providing quality lighting products that are a direct replacement for incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs and other light fixtures.  Our R&D and manufacturing facility located in Shenzhen, China is well funded and staffed with over 1,000 employees to research, develop and manufacture our innovative optoelectronic (LED) lighting products.



We supply competitive lighting products such as LED Tube, Strip, Panel, Spot Bulb, Wall Washers, Street, Tunnel Down lights ,LED Display and LED CHIP,etc. for the international markets.  We adhere to globally recognized quality standards and our products have received the following certifications; CE, ROHS, UL, ISO14001, and ISO9001.  Our company has also received the Chinese Contribution Award for Environmental Protection and a Recommendation Brand from the Lighting Association of China.



We have recently increased investment in our China facility in anticipation of the explosive growth in the LED lighting industry.  With this investment, we will continue supplying the latest and most innovative lighting products and services for the international market.  We will continuously strive to be the manufacturer of choice for the world's lighting industry.



At Omax, we adhere to the concept of “sincerity and integrity” with the objective of achieving a “win-win” strategy for our industry partners.  We welcome agents to contact us and join us in this exciting industry!  We will gladly share with you every opportunity that may help you develop your market.

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