OM-Multi-functional LED Bulb

  • E27, AC100-240V input voltage with synchronous charging.

  • USB interface, 5V, 0.5A output for cellphone for charging.

  • Emergency lighting function, automatically convert to powered by battery when no electricity.

  • Portable &suitable for a variety of places.

  • Last working for 6hours.

  • Private mold, patented appearance design.(Patent Number:201630244582.8)

  • Description
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  • Product Description

    This Rechargeable LED bulb can be used as a flash light or as a regular bulb that doubles as an emergency light.Whether used at home or taken with you when camping, this is a handy product that does not require batteries and provides bright crisp light when you need it most.This product can be turned on easily during a power outage, and is constantly charging while in socket. It has an easy to use AC/DC and Off button, and uses as little as 7 watts to operate.

    Product Features:

    • E27, AC100-240V input voltage with synchronous charging.

    • Automatically convert to powered by battery when no electricity, with emergency lighting function.

    • The bulb will be lit up by mounting a starter with a hook, you can also take it down. Portable &suitable for a variety of places.

    • Imported SMD2835 LED chip, super bright, soft light beam, no glare.

    • Built-in 3.7V/2600mAh Lithium battery, it coud last working for 6 hours.

    • Equipped with a USB Micro DC inlet for lamp charging.

    • Charging with a solar panel is optional.

    • USB interface, 5V, 0.5A output, you can connect it to a cellphone for charging.

    • Intelligent power supply inside, overvoltage & overcurrent IC protection to ensure safety.

    • ABS+PC housing, compact & sturdy, stylish and elegant appearance.

    • Private mold, patented appearance design.


    Home &Office Lighting: bedroom, dormitory, study room, office, school, etc.

    Emergency Lighting: battery-powered when no     electricity.

    Portable Lighting: camping, fishing, hiking, picnic, barbecue, booths &stalls in night market, etc.

    Solar-powered Lighting: charging with a solar panel is optional, photovoltaic new green energy, eco-friendly.