OM-Mg-Saline Water LED String Light

● Weatherproof
● Eco-friendly ,green and New energy
● DC3V low voltage output
● Very easy to use
● MCU three-gear control mode: Normally On/8 kinds of changing modes/Off.
● Unique cartoon control box
● Exclusive mold, patented product

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    Why Mg-Air fuel cell?

    Magnesium-air fuel cell technology has the same components as any other battery technology. There’s a magnesium anode and a gas-diffusion (air) cathode, with salt water as the electrolyte. it’s technically called an oxidation-reduction reaction. Using the oxidation-reduction reaction that occurs between the magnesium and the water.
    The air cathode is the current collector for the system. The air cathode is a membrane that breathes, and allows oxygen from the air to enter the cell to facilitate the oxidation-reduction reaction.

    We put this green power into realty and designed this unique Mg-Saline water Xmas led string lights.

    Product Features:

    • This product can be used under indoor&outdoor environments, and won’t be affected by weather.

    • Seawater directly or water mixed with salt can be used as saline electrolyte. The reactant in the power supply box is non-toxic magnesium hydroxide,which will not cause any environmental pollution.

    • DC 3V low voltage output, very safe.

    • Very easy to operate and replace the magnesium bar&saline water. Simple and recyclable energy.

    • String lights type: 100LEDs, 200LEDs. Light colors have warm white, cool white, 4 colors (RGBY).

    • MCU three-gear control mode: Normally On/8 kinds of changing modes/Off. And an intelligent step-up IC to guarantee safety.

    • Unique cartoon control box with European architectural style, exquisite design, a perfect combination of Christmas decorations and holiday scenes.

    • Exclusive mold, patent product, global pioneer.

    Product Application:

    1. The product is widely used for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine ’s Day, New Year festival decoration, etc.

    2. Decorate stage, shopping mall, courtyard, corridor, garden and other places.